Lancaster&Chester Railway  
Current Operations  


L&C carries out its operations from its headquarter located at 512 South Main Street, Lancaster, SC.

L&C currently has 59 1/2 miles of mainline tracks under operation, with a 30.8-mile branch acquisition from NS running southward to Kershaw that was added in March, 2001. In addition to the mainline, the railroad maintains 3 miles of secondary tracks and 4 miles of yard tracks.

L&C has mainline connections with Norfolk Southern in both Lancaster and Chester. They also have mainline connections with CSX in East Chester. The main interchange point in Chester is with Norfolk Southern’s Piedmont Division, Columbia District "R" Line and East Chester, with CSX’s Hamlet, North Carolina-Atlanta mainline. Having both Class I Carriers interchanging with the L&C allows the shipper an excellent opportunity of choice in the process of ratemaking and service. For further information on these Class I Carriers, please visit the websites and

L&C operates 2 to 3 trains per day, based on customer needs. It operates 10 locomotives with a full-service locomotive shop and a passenger car rebuilding operation.

L&C operates a reload center in Lancaster primarily for the movement of plastic pellets, agricultural products, and lumber.

L&C offers luxury rail cars for charter to individuals as well as corporations. For further information visit the web site



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